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: for baltimore. 3 3 map fiber map 3 & 3 3 & first on fox... some &pinternal docuuents from city schhols show criiee like havinggloaded weapons on scchol property,... and assaults with knives... are &pgoing un-reported to police. police. jjel dd.smith is &plive in west baltimmre with the urprrsiig amount of iicidents and the reason why the school leaders says the policy actuaaly makes the morning joel d. good morning guys, .. the &pdirector of student ssfety says zero tolerance is not the only way to deal with crimmss in thh schools, soomany crimes... like actually finding a loaded 9 milimeter weapon here at carver hiih school... are going unreported po police. police..nstead there is now an pnternal procedure.... an" in house peferral system" that has pushed at leaat 147 cases of assault and 47 caaes of law enforcemmnn. fewerr reporttd crimes could amountt to fewer uspensions and that caa keep a pottntially violent school off the state's persistaatly dangerous school list.. the head f student safety in the city defends he practice, ssying zero to handle problems.when we showed what
: ffreflies fireflies that is owl city's "fireffiee". its their first numbbr one single and it's from theii albummocean eyee (((ess)) the bands will be at the verizon center on pril 3rd. tickets go on sale tomorrrw at 10am through live nation. pe want tt ggt you into the phh 10th caller right now at 410-481-4545 wins a ppir oof passes. coming up in oor 7 o''lock a new trend at mmssage parlors... has americans pbenefitt√°... it's suuposed to bring. watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 8)) hurricane sandy... continues to churn her way up the eastt coast... leaving aapath of death and destruction in her - area... how strong she'll be... and what you need to do 3 pndd.. emergency management officials joii us ive in &pstudio to tell us exactty wha storm hits.r ome before the or 3& friday, octtber 26. - queen anne's county sshools will e opening 99 minutts late. 3 33 3 p, 3 3 "frankenstorm" is heading our . pay.hurricann sandy i on ee waa north after baareling into haiti.so far... at leasst 1 carribean as a resulttof the st. storm.you an see he storm pas alrea
up to 6 of sanduskyys victimm wiil speak at today's heaaing.he faces up toolife in prison. 3 first on fox... a judge's decision could take police oof the street in some of the city's most dangerous neighhorhoods.all of it... over paperwork. paperwork.megan illiland is liveefrom city police headquarters with more on the controversial change in policy. good mornnng uys,many officers don't want to talk possible retribbtion by some ju. judges.it's aal over the use of electronic signaturesson charging documents.fox 45's investigative team obtained this letter that bans the practice. it was written by distrrct court chief judge ben clyburn last month... stating that an ink-on-paper signature is requiied.but ssme officers pn the city say a written signature amounts to more time police officers have time to their own reports of prroable cause and the answer i would say is yes in the past... charging documents would be written and approachhstrongly supportee by phe baltimore city state's attorrey's office. no word on what prompted this change.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. a be
released by the city state's attorney's offfce.tom rodgers is here with a story you're seeinn first on fox... along ith the othee top stories of theemorning. in a just released ptatement... prosecutors say officer john ward... from the eastern distrrct... will ot face crimiial charges... evidence.ward was unddr investigation for his suspected involvement in the purder of 13-year-old monea turnnge back in march.two youug boys... ages 12 and 13... admitted tt kklling turnage.but ward... was suspended when police found the gun thattkilleddher innthe trunk of his car.sources say oneeof thoseeboyss.. anddthere were accusationn that he cover up.prosecutors laim there just sn't enough decision that turnagg's family isn't happy with. (wright) "toomee i'm suspiciius of him and everyone else in the famill is also.. and i don't think that he should hhve got offfso easily.." easily.."prosecutors say the police department will now have to decide whether ward will face any administtative charges a gambrills man is sentencedd to eight years in prison for possessing child pornography. 25-year-old robe
obama's debate performance weenesday night.hey says it &pthe presideet arrived ii the mile-high city the day of the only had a few hours to . he adjuss" to the city's mile above sea level. tches a - and for the first time ever... fans get to hhlp choose the newest inductees of the rock and roll hall of fame.the list of nominees for 2013 aae reeeased... and they include ... n-w-a ann publlc enemy.... heart, disco queen donna summer... rockers, joan jett... blackhearts... and randy newman.fans have until ballot.the wwnners willlof officially inducced during a ceeemony next april. 3 get some artistic weekend inspiratiin at the sugarloaf craffs festival. pandra sedmaak engel from ab-fab designs joins us live for this mornings ometown hotspot.- tell us about the sugarloaf festival.- what do these created? created? the sugarloaa crafts festival is today, 10:00 aam..- 5:00 p.m. at the marylann state fair ggounds. for more information log on to fox baltimore dot com sllsh morning sticker shock... for some drivers in california! california!tte city that's the reason believed o be d - be
. moon bounces, food, usic.... and carsson fire! it's all art of the annual baltimore city ffre department thrill show this weekend. weekend.joel d. smith is live in rosedale now to show us first hand how competition and entertainment can be big teaahhng tools as well. 3ell. - 33 hiitory is made 3 3 3 33 p, coming up... an airline ccmpany... gets political.why it's offeringg free flights to customers... if your candidate of hoice... doesn't win the ppesidential original gangnam nats and lattr... how the hit song "gangnam ssyle"... is helping children.you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all mmrning. ((bump out)) ((break 1)) ((bump in)) 3 3 [ harry umlaut ] the five stages of muller. suspicion: it's yogurt, how good can it be? revision. "actually, this ain't bad"? surprise! "look at this cool corner thingy!" desolation. "it's gone." anticipation "hey! there's more in the fridge." [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. 3 3 3 3 coming up... a rare meniigitis outbreak... hits maayland.how many have died... and why the number of people infected... is expec
romney. romnee. both candidates are getting ready to go head-to-head forrthe first time on weenesday.over the weekend... the president headdd to las vegaa for a ccmpaign event... while rrmney attended church in massachuustts.thh two will face off innddnver... wednesday night. small,,fuel efficiint city could be on the road to owning more than a dozen new electric cars. joel d. smith is live at the dealershiipwith thh unique vehicles you could see on city roads very soon.good morning 3 3 3 simon cowell takes his search for talent... in a different judge is looking or... in an uppoming show. 3and ""ealthy city dayss... pegins today.how you can get involved... coming up in ur hometownnhotspot.you're watching fox 45 mooning news.. all local.. all morning. ((bump out)) ((break 11) hey, what are you drinkin'? pumpkin coffee for the morning. and i've got my pumpkin k-cup packs for at home. now i can have my pumpkin coffee any time i want it. pumpkin's perfect. it's dunkin' with the press of a button. new pumpkin k-cup packs, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee. i'm
baltimore, joel d. smmtt, ox 45 mooning news. 3 the baltimore grand prix will year.the city made a 5-year hesitant to commit to inny car &pffnancially able to run... since millions of dollars went unpaid by baltimorr racingg pevelopement ddring the first race.thh ggand prix will be held again the sunday before labor day weekend a day aftee securing a play- off spot ffr the first time in 15 years....the orioles fall to the tampa ay rays..... to 3....putting the o's one game behind the yankees as they &pcompete for the a-l east title. 3game nats nats the bottommof the 7th with runnees on the 3 cornerr...rays' chris gimenez [ takes wei-yin chen into the right field corner ffr the 2- run double..... four to one rays.then...top of the 9th orioles fight ack..... a runner on second.... as chris davis drives one high and deee that hits off the catwalk and ii ruled a home run.....making it five to 3 rays. but that woulddbe it for the o's ....as eedy chavez [] sends it back tt the mound for the final out. the rays won for the 11th ime in 12 games, a stretch that's kept them in contennion f
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8